How to play “Snoopy Street”

Let’s create a wonderful festival with Snoopy and friends!

Snoopy and Woodstock, Sally and Linus… Decorate the town where Snoopy lives by lining up shops and decoration parts of familiar characters.

You will be healed by the cute animation!

Snoopy and his friends are so cute! You will be healed by its adorable movements. In particular, keep an eye on Snoopy and Woodstock’s movements.

Enjoy the world of Snoopy even more!

Collect comics (original art) and trading cards. Have fun swapping with your friends to complete the list! You can also send greeting cards to your friends.

Have fun chatting with original voices!

Tap the characters to chat in English. The conversations between the characters are fun just to watch, but you might also learn English conversation skills! ? (Don’t worry, there’s also a Japanese translation!)

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